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How Good Tab was manufactured and achieving great heights

Good Tab is an initiative by Pledge a Smile foundation, a leading NGO based in Delhi, India. It is a Google chrome extension by which they raise funds through advertisements. The funds are used for distributing food to the needy.

The goal of this NGO is to give back lost smiles, motivations, and hope for better tomorrow to everyone. Pledge a Smile started their operation in year 2016 and is continuously growing after that. Till date, they have delivered more than 50,000 smiles, worked on more than 50 projects and have more than 7500 volunteers in their team.

What is better than helping the ones who can’t express or speak our language? ‘PLEDGE A SMILE’ as an organization wants to spread sensitivity towards everything possible, more humanity, and a happier tomorrow.

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 10.06.15 AM.png

What to achieve with this application?

Pledge a Smile wanted to create a Google Chrome Extension with an attractive UI design. By using this extension, they wanted to raise money through advertisements so that they can use that money to distribute food.  


So, the goal was to make this interesting for user by adding various features like changing background as per their choice, inviting friends and family, showing them how much plate of food have been distributed till now and adding some shortcuts as well (YouTube, Gmail, calendar, Google maps etc).

Tools and technologies used


Visual Studio Code


How all took shape?

Good Tab is not something which we built from scratch. Pledge a Smile was working with some other vendor but they were not satisfied with the results. After that they approached Thynk Web. The team created an attractive UI design first and get it approved by the client.

  Sprint 1

  • ​Finding best processes

  • Brief Documentation

  • Cost Proposal

  • Design

  • Changing Background

  Sprint 2

  • Review

  • Fixes

  • Approval

  • Creating Sprint Backlog

  Sprint 3

  • Adding Quick Links

  • Adding invite buddy feature

  • Testing

  • Bug Solving

  Sprint 4

  • Added Shortcuts on Search Bar

  • Redirecting the user to main website of Pledge a Smile

  • Deployment of Good Tab on new Domain

  • Feedback

  • Solving Bugs

The Result

The client is so happy with the output that they rated us 5 star on Clutch and Google. We have done more than 3 projects together and planning to continue the same for current and future projects.

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