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Our Portfolio

Some amazing companies we have worked with are listed here. We are proud to  have 100% customer retention rate till date.

Tailor made solutions


Good Tab Chrome Extension

Good Tab is an extension to raise funds for needy people using Google Ads. It is managed by Pledge A Smile foundation. Till date they have delivered 50,000+ smiles.​

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K2Y India

K2YIndia is a leading accounting, tax consultancy, HR and Payroll company. They have clients from all over the world to create presence in India by complying with Indian law.


Flexi Twin

Flexi Twin is a web app managed by The Energy Company. They innovate by reducing the time for a battery to charge and giving best quality solutions.​

Trusted by leading brands 

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When should you trust Thynk Web?

 When : You need a great team with high values
  How : We value the quality of work

  When : You need a team of professionals in a short period
  How : Candidates are ready to be interviewed

  When : You want want your work to be done from top talents
  How : Thynk Web hires talents that are excellent in Knowledge, and are team players

  When :You want to keep a check on the budget
  How : Thynk Web has a 2X Retention Rate compared to the industry

  When : You are facing talent retention challenges
  How : Thynk Web has a 2X Retention Rate compared to the industry

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