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Angular Vs AngularJS

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

For a layman and in some cases even for a developer, Angular and AngularJS both are one of the same things. They have some similarities like they both are open source technologies built by Google, they both are for front-end development framework and helps in developing dynamic web applications.

But other than the obvious difference that AngularJS has suffix ‘JS’ in it, they have other differences as well. This article is focused on highlighting those differences, so let’s begin-

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source web development framework build by Google and now led Angular Team. It was launched in year 2016 and till now google has launched several versions of Angular Framework. Recently, it has launched its 14th version in June 2022.

Angular is built on TypeScript, which is a programming language from Microsoft. TypeScript has all the features of JavaScript along with some additional one. Angular covers a wide variety of features like forms management, client- server communication and many more.

Some Features and advantages of Angular

  • JavaScript is most commonly used scripting language. It is easy to learn with pervasive support. TypeScript on which Angular is built, contains all the feature of JavaScript even we can say it has used it in better way. It addresses most of the issue’s developers face when using JavaScript.

  • Angular has made it possible to create great user interfaces for web, mobile apps and desktop for all types of operating systems.

  • Angular is very fast as Angular apps load very quickly. Component router in it do the automatic code splitting so that user can load only those code which they requested.

  • Angular enables you to develop high-performance, complex animation timeline with just little code using Agular’s intuitive API.

  • With Angular, developers can minimize their bugs by easily performing unit testing. Using Karma for unit tests will aware developers if they have broken anything, every time they save their changes.

Cons of Angular

  • One of the major drawbacks of using Angular is poor accessibility for search engine crawlers, especially with latest versions, However, you can overcome this drawback by loading some scripts for browsers.

  • Angular is little complex and difficult to learn, especially for new developers. Developers feel that instrument is verbose and it hasn’t changed since AngularJS.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source application development framework for developing single page applications. It was maintained mainly by google and corporations but it has been discontinued by the company.

From 1st January 2022 onwards, Google no longer updates AngularJS in terms of fixing its security, browser compatibility or query issues. It is a JavaScript based web framework and initially launched on 20th October 2010.

One of the major differences between Angular and AngularJS is that AngularJS was created using JavaScript and Angular is built on TypeScript, which is advanced version of JavaScript. One of the main reasons of this confusion is that AngularJS was the first recorded Angular version, that is why it is called Angular sometime.

Features and Advantages of AngularJS

  • AngularJS make it easy to manage applications with over 60 components, even for new developers. It gives clear idea about the functionality of an application and makes it easy to locate code for AngularJS developers.

  • AngularJS has added some flavors to vanilla JavaScript. AngularJS is directly dependent on JavaScript, which makes it easy to test and maintain.

  • AngularJS allow components reusability, as now developers can use the code or component which is written before in different applications. Developers don’t need to create code every time from scratch, they can use same code and component multiple times.

  • AngularJS can handle dependencies and couple it up with MVC architecture, which makes development of application faster and allows developer to built parallel application development as well.

  • With directives, developers have a free hand to experiment with HTML and its attributes. It also gives them complete independence to make their web development process responsive and dynamic as well. Developers have independence to test, construct and inject.

Cons of AngularJS

  • AngularJS is a framework of JavaScript and JavaScript has an issue of memory leakage. Simply we can say that memory does not return to the pool of memory, whenever it is required.

  • When 200 or more watchers run at the same time on AngularJS, UI breaks down and it can be really inconvenient.

  • In AngularJS, there are different logic to get exact same thing, which can get extremely complicated especially in case of a new developer.

Difference between Angular and AngularJS



Both are powerful front-end development frameworks. We really hope that we have get successful in clearing your doubts related to both frameworks.

To summarize it we can say that Angular has upper hand when it comes to comparison but AngularJS also has lot to offer when in the right hands.

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