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How India is becoming a hub of Website Developers?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022


In year 2000, a person named Raman Roy and some of his team members quit GECIS and with their VC funding from Chrysalis Capital, started their own company named Spectramind. India’s journey of BPOs started from there.

A research shows, 71% of the companies outsource their website development projects and India is one of the leading countries where this work is being outsourced. There are variety of Software development agencies available with highly skilled programmers.

Why world is choosing India for Web Development services?

There are 1,183 billion dollar startups in the world today and websites are heart & soul for a business. Every businessman knows that in this world of internet, without website they are not only loosing their customers but also lagging behind from their competitors. Websites are the best way to present your business online, so people are more and more focused towards their websites. The reasons companies are choosing India are-

1. Cost Effective

Every business wants best services at affordable prices and India is best place for high quality websites at very affordable rate. Countries where currency value is higher than Indian currency, are in more advantage in terms of money. Even with a very small amount you can have best quality website.

2. High Skilled Professionals

India has such a huge population of youngsters and as per researchers, India have over than 15 million programmers. India is a pool of highly talented and skilled workers, who can work for companies 24/7 at very affordable rates.

3. Easy Communication

After US, India has most English speakers in the world, so it makes easier for other countries companies to communicate smoothly with programmers. Communication is the key of every business and if there is any barrier the flow of business will not be very smooth.

4. Availability

Since there are such a large number of programmers in the country, workers are easily available for different shifts. Different time zone is not a concern here, people are available to provide services 24/7. These highly skilled workers are ready to work day and night to serve you in best way possible.

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