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How to do Branding of your Business?

As per a chef, without good raw material it’s very difficult to create a memorable dish. In same way, without having good online presentation it’s very hard to grow your business. Today many people are spending most of their time over the internet, it could be either for purchasing products or reading news or watching a movie or ordering food or using a service etc.

Irrespective of the fact that what business you are running, having a website and mobile application for your business is must. Your work does not end only after having a website but branding of your business through website is most important and fruitful part.

In this article we are going to discuss, what actually is branding for business website and how you can achieve that?

What is Branding for Business?

The main purpose of a website is to represent the company, attracting more organic traffic, generate organic leads, help company in generating more sales and ultimately increasing return on investment of the organization.

To achieve this, a company should be very consistent with sending brand messages to target customers through different- different channels, which will result in building trust and loyalty among customers.

The main purpose of marketing on different platforms is to attract customers and make them lend on company’s website, so that you can show them what your business is all about and what makes you different from competitors.

Your website plays a major role in this process so it is very important to do branding of your website. Website branding is all about showing distinctive personality of the company and make customer to look across the entire website by making it indulging for them.

Reasons to Focus on Branding

The whole world has become market for companies because of the internet. From multinational to small businesses, all of them are online. As a result, level of competition has increased to a great level. To prevent your business from loosing into the ocean of internet, you need to do branding of company and its website. Here are some reasons to support this-

1. Improves Credibility

More than 80% of the users research online before buying any goods and service. So, branding helps to improve credibility of an organization and builds trust among customers.

2. Journey from Ordinary to a Brand

Before branding you are just a normal company or eCommerce store, lost in crowd but branding gives you a unique identity and differentiates you from your competitors.

3. Generates Organic Traffic

More branding means more visibility to customers, which means more organic traffic to your website and it results in increase of organic sales.

4. More Employees Retainability

As per LinkedIn, companies with high brand value retains 50% more employees and even they recruit at 50% less cost. One thing is definite that old employees work as an asset for the company, so it’s important to retain them.

Strategies to Brand your Business

In this competitive world, actively managing your brand is not only required even it’s a necessity. Don’t panic we will help you to build branding strategies for your company, so let’s get started-

1. Create an Attractive Website

Even if you are branding your organization on multiple platforms but at last your lending spot will be your website. So, it is very important to create your website in a way that it can keep your audience indulge and interested in your products.

While designing your company’s website you should keep following points in mind-

· User should be able to navigate easily.

· There should be uniformity with designs in your website as it makes it professional.

· Website should be attractive and informative as well so that user would like to stay on your website for longer.

· Website should be mobile friendly and responsive.

2. Focus on Logo Designing

Branding is all about making your stand out from crowd and logo plays an imperative role in this. A logo represents your company so it should be an impressive one. Here are some tips while designing your logo-

· Logo of your company should be simple and attractive at same time.

· Your logo should display a message which should be related to your business.

· It should be unique so that it can stay in people’s memories.

· The colors used in logo should be bold as it should appear even from long distance.

3. Identify your Audience

The next important step in branding your business is identify the customers to whom you want to target. It can be whole world or it can be a small part of population but it is very important to understand what your target audience is? There are different ways of analyzing it-

· Analyze your Existing Customers – One of the best and easiest way of gathering information is to discover interest and needs of your existing customers. Get feedbacks and reviews from them after selling your product and rendering services to them. There are high chances that you can find common patterns in customers feedback which can help you to improve and set your target audience.

· Market Research – To gain deeper knowledge about customers, market research is the best way. It helps you to uncover industry trends, customer preferences, buying habits and knowledge about your competitors as well.

4. Choosing Color Palette

Choosing right color palette is essential in branding your website as well as your organization. Uniformity with color looks very professional when it comes to branding. Imagine you are posting on social media on regular basis and you are using different color combination for each post, your account will look like a rainbow.

Best way is to pick 2 to 3 universal color like white, black and blue and 1 or 2 bold colors which will work as unique identity for your company. Usually one bold color is most preferred, it can be any color like red, yellow, green or any other color.

5. Consistency

One you are done with designing website, creating your logo and selecting a color palette, its time to focus on one of the most important factors of getting successful in branding is being consistent. You should be able to keep your audience engaged by posting on social medias or by giving them some information in various forms.

You can post daily, once in a week or once in month that is up to you but whatever you choose, you should stick to that. It is one of the best ways of generating organic leads and makes an impression in mind of an individual so that he can recall your brand whenever he or she see it.


Anyone can build a website for their business by taking tutorials from online but branding a business is more crucial thing. Branding demands web owners to spend time on researching and aligning things for their business.

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