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Impact of Covid-19 on Information Technology (IT) Industry

We all have seen how majorly covid-19 impacted every industry whether it be Garments, Automobile, Hospitality, Transportation services or any other. Majority of the sectors have negative impact of the lockdown caused by this pandemic on their businesses.

However, there are some sectors that haven’t got impacted negatively by this pandemic and Information Technology (IT) was one of them. IT industry is expected to boom enormously from US$ 131 Billion in 2020 to US$ 295 Billion in the next 5 years by 2025. There are multiple factors which contribute to this growth like increase in demand for software and some social media platforms like Zoom, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Microsoft Teams and many others.

Many countries around the world have invested in Information Technology as in this time of crises, people have realized importance of internet and technology. Governments are investing huge money on some IT Projects like in China, government is using drones attached with thermal sensors which can identify coronavirus symptoms and can arrange immediate help for people. Here, we will now through some light on how COVID-19 has transformed IT industry.

· Increased Demand for Remote Access

When whole world shut down in 2020, companies started adapting remote setups and most of the companies still using the same. Remote setup means more business for IT companies as people have started using different social media tools for communication.

One side, application like Microsoft Teams gained popularity in corporate world while on other hand, apps like TikTok or PubG had huge influence on people and specially on youth.

· Rise in Demand for Software Development

Many data shows that despite the pandemic many IT companies continued to grow. The demand for different and variety of software has increased. People these days are working remotely, and they are facing some challenges. To overcome those challenges, companies and people are demanding more software which can make flow of work smooth for them.

On the other side, by not commuting to work has helped programmers in saving more time and developing more focus towards their work. The productivity has increased, and they are creating some best software possible.

· Companies switching to Digital Solutions

Year 2020 has changed everything for everyone, and companies also need to adapt things according to these changes. Many companies who were working only offline earlier were forced to go online. More online business means more websites, more software and more money for IT industry. Businesses spending on digital resources was up in 2020 and it’s increasing continuously.

Information Technology has changed greatly over the past 2 years and it will continue to change. Businesses are more moving towards digital solutions and trying to cope up with this fast-changing environment and customer demands.

Thynk Differently

Due to pandemic, a lot of opportunities opened up in the IT industry. A lot more businesses are shifting online but with more online presence, more challenges come at your doorstep. To overcome these challenges, your business needs some guidance from professionals. For any kind of IT solution, you can reach out to Thynk Web. Thynk Web will help your business to adapt these fast-paced changes and provide you with best solutions.

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