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Is it worth to hire a professional for Website Development?

In today’s world, it’s very hard to imagine even a small start up without a website or online presence. If you still have doubts regarding how important a website can be for a business, then you can read how a Website works as a soul for business? There are numerous options available on internet, you can either build it yourself using templates available on sites like Wordpress, Wix and many others or you can hire a professional who can create personalized website for your business. Now the only question is: “should you hire a professional or go for it yourself by using various tutorials?”

Now the next question is: how much a professional goanna charge, will it be expensive? Here, we want to clarify one doubt of yours that there are some Software Development Agencies in the market, which can provide you best website of your choice at very affordable rates. Further in this article, we will discuss what a DIY is and what are pros & cons of both the options?

Do-it-yourself (DIY)

When you build a website without any participation of a professional developer, with the help of any free/paid sites available in market it’s called DIY website. These sites provide you some pre-built template options. You can choose these templates and can built your website only by using pick and drop functions.

There is no need to learn any CSS or HTML to create website on these sites. Customization is limited here, although they allow you to change your header, logo, titles, headings, photos, color, and some other basic functions. Building websites is quite easy on these sites, all you need is to have good knowledge regarding the navigation and functions of these sites.

Some Down-Sides of DIY

After watching some videos online, first thing that comes to your mind is: Website development is easy and its free as well then why not create it yourself? But trust us, its not that easy as it seems. First of all, these sites claim to be free but in reality, they are not. They often have Premium versions or Paid Subscriptions and more. Even after paying them, your functions are limited. You can customize your website only to a limited extend. Believe it or not websites play very important role in marketing and online presentation of a business and when you can’t make it a personalized one, as per your requirements, it means you are not using benefits of having a website in its best way. In today’s world, level of competition is huge and businesses with more attractive websites wins, and it will be your biggest regret if you go for DIY.

Some common problems customer faces in DIY Websites:

· Ads in free versions.

· Limited customization possible.

· Very basic features in free versions.

· Similar looking templates.

· Even in paid versions, customizations are restricted.

· Self-Maintenance of website.

· Zero SEO assistance.

Hiring a Website Developer

We have talked about DIY, its pros and cons both. Now let’s talk about what you will get if you for hiring a professional. One thing that we all know is, hiring a professional is little expensive from DIY, but the real question is not about which one is expensive? The actual question should be: Is it worth to hire a professional? We will throw some light on reasons to hire a programmer for you and will try to clear all your doubts:

1. Unique and Personalized Website

There is no point of having a website if you can’t represent yourself fully through it. The main purpose of having a website is to show customers what you actually are, what is your USP and what makes you different from other competitors. When a developer builds your website, you can mold it into any way possible, you can showcase all your thoughts and can add as many features as you want. Your website will be different from any other website in the market which will make you stand out in the crowd.

2. Maintenance Support

Work for a website is not limited to its deployment only, you need support for its maintenance as well. There can be some bugs in your website or its not performing in a way it should be, for all these issues you need a professional who can fix these issues for you from time to time. Also, technology is very fragile these days, trends change in every few days. You need to keep your website updated as well otherwise you will lag behind from others.

3. Mobile version

Did you know that almost 70% of the user visit websites through mobile phones? So, mobile version of a website is equally important, even more important. In case of mobile, screen becomes smaller, so you need special attention to how your website goanna look on phone? A website developer pays special attention to these kinds of details which you miss in a DIY website.

4. Expert Guidance

A website developer is an expert in his field. He knows what could be the best way to present your business. He also has good knowledge about trending layouts, UX designs and what can keep your audience engaged on the website. He will help you to drive more traffic towards your business by making your website attractive and user-friendly.

Which Website Development Company you should choose?

We hope that we have answered your question regarding whether to hire a professional or go for DIY well in this post. Now you must be thinking about which Software Development Company you choose, as there are plenty of options available in the market.

We at Thynk Web help to develop your personalized website and help you to enhance your business growth. We understand that your business is priority for you and we make sure to make your all requirements our priority.

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