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Tips to find a WordPress Developer?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Either you have already started your business or planning to launch one, then you must be looking for a top-notch WordPress Developer for your business website. There must be some amazing ideas in your mind related to your website’s theme, color, layout and many other things but struggling to find a good WordPress Developer.

If you have become tired by googling “How to find best WordPress Developer” then this article is for you! WE will talk about some great tips which you can keep in your find while searching for a developer.

If you need a well professional website or you just want basic alterations in your existing one, we will help you to filter out some best Developers for your project.

Who is WordPress Developer?

A WordPress developer is a developer who specializes in building websites using WordPress tools.

His/her Responsibilities-

· Will perform both front-end and back-end roles.

· Will Implement themes and plugins.

· Will create a fully functional and attractive website for client.

Best Places to find WordPress Developer

1. Codeable

Codeable is one of the best platforms for freelancer WordPress Developers where world’s best developers get connected with clients. It is not like any other freelancer site, only top 2% of the applicant can make through its screening process. Their screening process involves technical exam, live coding test and 45 days trial period.

Codeable saves all the hassle for you and provides you brilliant developers from around the world. You just have to login and submit your project requirements.

2. WordPress Jobs

It is an official WordPress job listing website where you will post your requirements and interested candidates will apply for the opening.

You can hire developer for full-time, part-time or even for an ongoing project. You will have access to WordPress developers from around the world. Your job posting will remain active for 21 days after approval.

3. Smashing Jobs

Smashing job is one of the famous magazines where companies post jobs after paying some fees. Since this platform is not free, web developers can fully rely that job listings are serious. It helps in building an environment of trust between clients and web developers.

4. Elementor Experts

This platform is a place where you can find developers who are expert in WP installations, migration and full-stack development.

Each WordPress expert showcase their best designs and development projects. Client look through all the listing and then select the one that fits their budget and project need.

Tips to Hire a WordPress Developer

We understand that it is very confusing to choose a best designer for your project out of so many options. Don’t worry, we are here to help you and guide you that how you can easily find a perfect one-

1. Draw an outline of your Project

When you draw an outline of your project, you will get to understand what are your actual needs. If need of the project is very basic then you can always use WordPress drag and drop functions yourself but if project is complicated you need to hire a WordPress expert for that. You will need to find a developer with sufficient expertise and skills.

2. Finalize your requirements

After drawing an outline of your project, you need to create a job description to have a clear picture about your requirements and post them on the different platforms as well. Your job description would include both responsibilities and eligibility requirements. You should enquire about their past projects and look for the samples.

3. Create a trial task

One of the ways to ensure that your developer has all required skills and expertise is to give a trail task to all shortlisted applicant. This will help you to evaluate each candidate’s competence in real life scenarios.

4. Create a Budget

Cost to create a WordPress website can be different from person to person. It is based on numerous factors like size and scope of the project, experience and skills of WordPress Developer, amount of customization you need, other functionalities you need in your website and so on.

The best way to move forward is create a full-fledged budget and then proceed accordingly. Your budget is goanna decide which option is best for you, either full-time developer or part-time one.


Hiring a WordPress Developer is like a one-time investment, so choose wisely. With Thynk Web you don’t have to worry about anything, we will take care about everything for you. If you have any doubt how Thynk web is a good choice, you can check our previous blog Why Thynk Web is top choice among users for Web Development?

At Thynk Web we prioritize our customers and work as per their requirements and specifications only. We believe that websites are online presentation of a business, so it needs to be personalized for each customer.

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