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Top Platforms to Hire WordPress Experts and Website Developers

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Although, there are numerous options available in the market for a WordPress Expert or Developer but still finding a right talent as per your requirement is a difficult job. There are various types of programmers available in the market which you can check in our article: Types of WordPress Developers in the market. There is a never-ending list available on the google when you search for a developer or Software development agency.

In this article we will try to solve this problem for you. We have mentioned some Top platforms to hire best WordPress Experts and Website Developers

# Top Platforms to Find and Hire Freelancer WordPress Experts and Developers

1. Freelancer


Freelancer is a famous job portal for freelancers. You can find there a vast variety of programmers like WordPress Experts, Software Developers, Mobile application developers and so on. You just have to post your project there with all your requirements and all the freelancer interested in it will make a bid. In their bid they will give you a small quotation like their prices, expected duration of project and what are their skill sets. You have to choose the best one for you.

Since it’s a very popular platform so quality of freelancer can vary from average to extraordinary. It will be your task to filter out and check if they will be best for the project. It can be exhausting as well to choose one from so many options.

2. Upwork


Upwork is also very popular among freelancers. Like Freelancer portal, you can post your project with all the details then all interested freelancers will make a bid. Again, you have to go through all the process of filtering out right talent for you. You just have to dig deep in all the applications you received and look for the skill which will actually be beneficial for your project.

3. Toptal


Unlike Freelancer and Upwork, Toptal is not flooded with developers. This portal allows companies to hire top 3% freelancers. Don’t worry you don’t have to choose these 3%, company will do that for you and will provide you with best talent. This platform does the screening process for each of the applicant so only best of them can make it through. The only negative side is that the hiring talent is very costly on this platform and sometimes you find same talent on other portals at lower rate.

4. Codeable


Codeable is designed especially for WordPress Experts. It works only with best freelance WordPress experts. Here you can easily find some talented WordPress Experts easily, but cost of hiring is high. You can expect average hourly rate around $70 for one expert so it can be very costly in long term projects.

# Top Platforms to Find and Hire Full-time WordPress Experts and Developers

Now let’s discuss about some top platforms where you can find a full-time developer for your organization:

1. WordPress Jobs

Source: WordPressJobs.Net

WordPress is one of the popular and reliable sources to search a full-time developer. Internal employees of WordPress review every application before posting it on their job portal. On the platform, listings are active only for 21 days. You will get variety of talent here considering it’s popularity among people. However, you will have to filter best suited talent yourself.

2. LinkedIn


These days linkedin is the most famous platform for hiring talent. It is based on professional networks where it allows both employees and employers to create profile and make connection with each other. Any member can be invited by any other member to connect. Job seekers explain about their skills, qualifications and past experience so you can choose as per your requirements. It’s a huge pool of talent and requires you to dig deep to search appropriate talent out of so many options.

3. Smashing Jobs


Smashing magazine is most popular online magazine in the world specially dedicated to web developers and web designers. This magazine is the largest publishers of web development resources. Platform offers solution and match organizations with talent. Most of the big tech companies like Tesla or Amazon recruit web developers or designers from Smashing Jobs. The cost of talent starts from 75$ and it can go up to 225$. You can find both freelancers and full-time developers on this platform.

4. Angel List


Angel List is for those job seekers who are looking to work in startups. It is a US website which was founded in year 2010. This portal also offers an opportunity to come across third-party agencies that offers WordPress development teams for hire. You can filter talent on the basis of location, experience, industry etc.

# Conclusion

In most of the options, you have seen that finding right talent is a very tedious task. Each portal provides you with so many options to choose from. You just have to dig deep to filter right talent. But the risk of hiring wrong talent is high when options are limitless. This will also cost you time, money and efforts.

In this case you can always go for Thynk Web. We are a Software Development Agency where we believe in using latest technologies, not what we know, but what is right for you. We care for our clients and it drives us to deliver excellence. Consider Thynk Web as your own team that will work with you at every step.

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