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Types of WordPress Developers in the Market

Updated: Sep 17, 2022


Around 43% of websites are built on WordPress and in terms of Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress is holding an elephant’s share which is 64% of the total market share. One thing is confirmed that WordPress is HUGE. When it is covering more than 50% of the market share, it is obvious that people interested in acquiring its expertise will also be large.

As a result, there are so many WordPress Developers available in the market! The reasons are WordPress is easy to use, provides so many features at one platform, easy navigation and any developer from any background can adapt WordPress easily.

Having so many developers available in the market does not work in anyone’s favor, even it confuses the customer more. This means you are more at risk of choosing a bad developer, which is going to cost you time and money both.

Don’t worry we will help you to know what different type of experts are available in the market so that you can make best choice for yourself!

Different types of WordPress Experts available

If you just started hunting a WordPress Expert, it would be best for you to know how many different types of experts available in the market? You can also go through our latest article to know how it’s worth to hire an expert for Website Development:

1. Freelancers

A freelance WordPress expert is a self-employed developer. They are not employed by any organization. They will work with you on project basis. They will charge you either hourly fee or a fixed contract price.

These days there are so many platforms available where you can find a freelancer as per your project requirements. This could be little tedious task to find a good freelancer with good working skills because again there are large number of freelancers available on these platforms and searching a well skilled developer who can match your requirements every time for a project is quite a hassle!

2. Full time In-house Experts

These are the experts which your company has recruited. They are part your company’s staff, will operate from your offices. They will be full-time employees of the company and will enjoy all perks and benefits.

A full-time in-house expert lowers the risk and you can be sure about your project. They will be fully dedicated to your work and will work solely on your project. This could be an expensive option because hiring a WordPress developer will goanna cost you big. You will have to pay him even when their services are not required.

Although, it will save your time and energy as you don’t have to look for an expert every time you start a project.

3. Contract based in-house Expert

These experts are hired through third party like an agency. These agencies will search a resource on your behalf and if developer gets hired, they will also run their payroll as well.

Basically, these type of WordPress experts will be your employee until their services are required plus they will solely dedicate your project only until their contract ends. So, in a way it’s little pocket friendly and hassle free as well. In the meantime, they will use your workspace and company’s infrastructure.

4. Full-time Remote WordPress Experts

In this era of technology, you don’t have to be limited to certain geographic area to hire a WordPress Expert. In this case, experts will be going to work for your same as full-time in-house WordPress experts except they do not have to show up to work.

They will be as your regular employee except the location factor and will enjoy all perks and benefits. You are going to run their payroll and you will have to pay despite they are sitting idle. Again, it’s going to cost you huge except sometime employees go for a pay cut when they get opportunity to work from their home. So, it can be lesser expensive from full time in-house WordPress Expert but not much lesser.

The plus point is that you will get a fully dedicated WordPress Expert and location is not a limitation which means options you have are limitless.

5. Contract Remote WordPress Experts

Out of all different types of experts, this is the one with maximum benefits. A WordPress developer ready to get working from the word go, at minimum prices, without any hassle of searching and access to wider areas.

It gives you all benefits in one, you don’t have to worry about his payroll, his employee benefit plans and he do not even need your office infrastructure to work. You have to focus only on one thing that is hiring a good expert and rest will be done by agencies on your be-half.


We have discussed that there are variety of experts available in the market. We have shared pros and cons of all the types, you can choose as per your requirements. Sometime, the thing which doesn’t work for me can work well for you.

It totally depends upon the kind of work you want and how frequently you get new projects. We tried to cover every feature of each type. If your choice is Contract remote WordPress Expert, then you can choose us.

We at Thynk Web believe in using latest technologies, not what we know, but what is right for you. We care for our clients, and it drives us to deliver excellence. Consider Thynk Web as your own team that will work with you at every step.

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