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Ways to Avoid Boredom while Coding


Compare programming to carpeting. They both have what appears to be repetitive work, yet there are less chances of getting bored. The reason for this is that every new project has something different about them.

However, sometimes performing same task for 2 tasks without having any positive outcome is not as fun anymore. Plus, if you have multiple projects with complex navigation bar design, then coding can be little frustrating for you.

If you are feeling same and want to avoid your boredom, then this article is for you. Here are some tips which can help you to avoid boredom and increase your efficiency.

How to Avoid Boredom while Coding?

1. Music

Music helps you in handling your emotions to a great extent. While coding you go through various kinds of emotions like stress or anger when you can’t find a solution and happy or excited when something good happens.

Coding is kind of a roller coaster ride and you need something which can help you to control all your emotions and make you focused on important aspects. Music is a great way to handle all these emotions. It helps you in soothing yourself and helps you to concentrate- not any type, the one who makes you calm.

For someone it can be music from 90s or 80s, someone it can be meditation tunes without any lyrics. Music is something which is very personal and choice differs from person to person. Choose a music that helps you to think.

2. Use Technologies you love to work on

There are numerous technologies available in the market and they keep on upgrading from time to time. As per today’s demand a programmer should be skilled in multiple technologies but there is always a favorite one- the one on which you have upper hand. Working on technologies that you like makes everything entertaining.

If you have multiple projects, you can switch from one technology to another. So whenever you feel that working on one technology is becoming monotonous and boring, you can switch to different project which other technology, it will keeps you entertained.

3. Maintain Work Life Balance

We know you must have heard thousand times that you should maintain work life balance but it is actually very necessary. Your work and personal life should be two different things.

The time you are working should be fully dedicated to your work and when you go home, you should enjoy that time with your family only. you should also plan what will be your working hours, especially when you are working on your own and should strict to that schedule only.

Otherwise, you will your family time at your work and work at your home. It will also give you stress which is not good for both your health and work.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Coding takes lot of concentration and best way to refresh your mind from time to time is to take regular breaks. Some people believe especially newbies that coding requires locking yourself to computer for entire day but with time you realize that it only gives you backache and stress and not concentration.

In this world even, a machinery needs some to cool down after working for longer time and we are only humans. So, it is important that you take small breaks from time to time- have tea, listen to music, watch some standups, whatever you like.

The best advice is- you need healthy food, lots of water and small breaks to do perfect job and some music will work as cherry on top. You mind becomes more creative when you have rested enough.

5. Confidence of Doing Things

Being a programmer, your half job is already done if you have a confidence that ‘I can do this’. In this rapid changing technology world, you cannot learn everything but you should be always eager to learn and study things.

No coder in the world can say that he has worked on every technology and have expertise in each one of them. An amazing programmer is the one who can learn and mold himself, whenever working on some new technology.

6. Don’t Pile up Your Work

Every Programmer is a victim of this because of the pressure of completing the project faster. Coder starts skipping complex scenarios to tackle them in future but this is not a solution. Your work will start getting pile up and it will create mental pressure.

As a result of this, you will start avoiding your work and won’t be able to enjoy it. Best practice is to solve all complex problems at same time, take help from other programmers because coding is a job of sharing and helping each other.

7. Workout

It is very important to do physical workout for a healthy mind. Workout makes your whole body active but if you are doing just waking up and directly sitting in front of your laptop, your mind will get tired.

Even if during the day, you are feeling bored or tired after doing same thing for a long time, just get up and start walking or play any sport. Now a day’s employees are complaining about having backaches due to longer working hour, so doing a workout is very much needed not only for your mental health but also for physical health.


If you are doing what you love, you will never get bored. So never force anything on yourself and do whatever interests you. The main goal of this article was to give you some points to eliminate boredom, stay motivated and keep focused on your work.

Sometime, there are many other in life which can affect your emotions. At that also you can feel little disinterested. So, don’t be harsh on yourself and take a break for some time from work. Don’t hesitate to choose and stay with what works best for you.

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