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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Around 42-43% of the users on internet use WordPress to build their websites. If you ever developed any website or thinking to develop one, then one question must definitely cross your mind: What’s the difference between and Some people think that they are same but comparing them is like comparing sugar and salt.

When you search WordPress on any browser, it gives 2 results with highest ranking. You must get confused which one to use. Don’t worry in this article we will walk you through differences between both websites and their pros and cons.

Definitions of and

Source: is open source platform where you can download free WordPress software and install it on your server. With this WordPress software you can create your website. It provides you features like hosting your own blog and developing your website.

What is

Source: provides you easy way to start where you can register for free and can start building. It takes care of all web hosting for you. You don’t have to download any software on your web server. For you just need an account to login and you are good to go. Most of its features are paid upgrades. and Comparison

In this section let’s compare both portal on different-different aspects-

1. Price Comparison

When someone compare 2 things, the first thing that come to their mind is how much each goanna cost?

# Prices

There are 6 pricing plans in

· Free- With limited features.

· Personal- $4 per month

· Premium- $8 per month

· Business- $25 per month

· eCommerce- $45 per month

# Prices

There are 5 different type of costs involved in

· WordPress Hosting- $1.99-$17.99 per month

· Domain Name- $0.99-$20 per year

· SSL Certificates- $7.27-$984.49 per year

· Premium Themes- $2-$200 per license

· Premium Plugins- $5-$1000 one-time and ongoing fees.

2. Setup Process Comparison

# Setup

Setup process on is very easy. You just have to open and click on “Start Building Your Website” and it will start walking you through step by step configuration of your new website.

All you have to decide your website’s name, provide your email id and then just pick a theme from a number of ready-made options. In few moments, a functional site to create a website will be ready. You can add your designs to make the website more personal to you.

# Setup

In case of you need to do some more additional steps. If you are new to the platform then some guidance may be required. As we have discussed it requires you to download WordPress software on your web server which means you are not going to develop your website on that platform.

Working on requires you to do research as it involves some steps that can be tricky for a new comer. You will be required to setup your web host, fill up some forms, provide name to your site and then you are good to go.

So, the summary is that clearly is easier to set up. However, with experience setup process for will become simple as well.

3. Theme Option Comparison

# Themes

Theme options in will depend upon which plan you choose. Users who opt for free or premium plans will be able to choose from over 150 free options only.

Users who will choose Premium, Business or eCommerce plan will have more options. They will have access to those free themes and will able to browse more than 200 premium themes additionally.

# Themes

Users of have thousands of options available on platform itself and even can find thousands compatible options all over the internet, which can be free as well. The options are so many that it might be difficult for someone to count. Over 7500 free theme options are provided by itself.

4. Plugin Availability Comparison

# Plugins

On, plugins will not be available to you if you go for following plans:

· Free

· Personal

· Premium

You will have to opt for either Business plan or eCommerce plan to have accessibility to over 50,000 powerful plugins. For customizing your website, you really need to have plugin access otherwise, you won’t be able to make it your personalized site.

# Plugins

On it doesn’t matter which website you have chosen or how much you have paid for your host account, over 50,000 plugins will be available to you from your very first day. You can choose as much plugins as much you want for free. Even thousands of free or premium plugins are available on internet, you can download them and use them on your site.

5. Customization Options Comparison

# Customization

Both and run the same WordPress software. However, dashboard is guarded by various limitations, interfaces and mechanisms. We have also discussed in other comparisons as well, options for themes or plugins are very limited in Thus, Customization is major disadvantage in

# Customization

Although software is same but unlike, gives you access to do pretty much everything you like. It is completely open-source and you will have thousands of options when it comes to themes and plugins. You can design your site as you like and can code to customize your pages to give them your personalized touch.

6. Security Comparison

# Security

On you will get basic security backups that are available as soon as you launch your site. Your site will be fully dependent on internal security of The platform handles all software updates themselves. As of now no one has reported any serious security incident but still your site is at little risk when it comes to

# Security built its software keeping all modern standard and security requirements in mind. A newly installed WordPress platform is secured in itself. It’s very hard for a hacker to hack In case of org site, you will also have to take care of backups on your own. You can install some plugins available in the market, which can help you in backup process.


We believe that there is no doubt left in your mind regarding and There is no comparison between them, it’s like comparing apple and orange. Only thing that is common between these two is that they use same WordPress software. is basically for those users who are beginners and want to create a simple website using in-built features while is for those users who want to customize their site in their own way, which require little expertise.

If you really looking forward to have a world class WordPress website for your business which can engage your customers and helps you to generate revenue, then you can always consider Thynk Web. We will make your job easier by providing you best website for your organization.

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